Tips on Having a Flat Stomach on Your Big Day


A bloated stomach is a bride-to-be’s nightmare. I got your nod of approval, so I guess the idea of barely squeezing into your goddess dress is giving you the goose bumps, as well.

The war is on, ladies! Prepare to beat bloating on your wedding day with every single weapon there is.

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  1. Keep Drinking

Big day should not be synonym to big belly, so keep hydrated at all times to avoid water retention. Does this make sense? Sure it does. Since water retention is one of the main factors causing bloating, drinking plenty of fluids is meant to improve digestion and fight unwanted constipation. But hey, don’t get all excited about drinking, because you won’t get the green light for carbonated juices, energy drinks or champagne. Your allies will be water and fennel tea. Capisci?


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  1. Avoid Gassy Foods

There are foods that might look friendly at first, but can create excess gas in your stomach leading to flatulence (eww, the mere word sounds appalling!). Some of the foods you should not be eating on your wedding day (or the day before) are dried fruits, beans, legumes, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, onions, all the ugly junk foods that your system will find hard to break down (fries, burgers and everything deep-fried, I’m looking at you!) and, last but not least, salt. You will be perfectly fine if you skip all these for a couple of days, so better safe than sorry, if you ask me.

3. Watch Your Eating Technique

As with everything, there is a winning eating technique, as well. All that food in pre-wedding family gatherings, as well as eating in a rush in between wedding planning, can bloat you really bad. Try to be disciplined when eating and take more time over each meal, chewing well every single bite. Another secret is to talk as little as possible during your meals (you will only swallow air that causes excess gas), reducing any chance of bloating.

Case in point: keep quiet and eat slowly. Happy stomach means happy bride, so have smaller meals more often to avoid overloading your digestive system. As simple as that.


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   4. Best Food Choices for a Gas-Free Stomach

Staying slim for that princess-y wedding dress is really worth it, so try to stick to the best food choices you have to be a gas and stress-free bride. Well-cooked whole grains, such as quinoa, brown rice or millet are great options. You can also count on non-starchy veggies like eggplants, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, cucumbers or spinach. Steam your squash, beets and carrots and bake the sweet potatoes – flat stomach guaranteed! Fresh fruit works equally well if eaten up to one hour before meals. Otherwise it may create some gas. Oops!

5. Work that Body

Jogs, power walks, or any other type of regular workouts can do wonders for your belly. Exercise helps gas go faster through your digestive system making it work much more efficiently, and also strengthens your abdominal muscles at the same time. Hurrah! Not only does your silhouette benefit from your workouts, but your stomach will, too, helping you feel lighter and more relieved. Tip: make sure you follow your workout routine even on the morning of your big day. Yes, you heard me!


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Stick to these easy solutions and flaunt a tight tummy on your wedding day! That dress will look simply gorgeous on you, while your secret(s) will be safe with me.

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