Top 5 Under the Radar Honeymoon Destinations

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Your honeymoon should be a romantic getaway for just you and your true love.  No one likes crowded beaches or long lines at restaurants.  Go somewhere less well-known, and get your marriage started with the adventure you both crave and deserve.

1. Thailand:

Photo Courtesy: Mikhail Koninin

Thailand is beyond unique.  The food is delicious, the weather is lovely, and the beaches are divine.  Here, striking architecture melds effortlessly with the contrasting environment.  The sea in Thailand is crystal blue, just begging to be discovered.  Room and board is remarkably inexpensive, as well, so expect your dollar to go a long way.  With so much to see, you’ll be glad to have the extra spending money.

From aging temples to steaming street vendors, Thailand is mysterious and exciting.  Starting the rest of your life with your partner in such matchless beauty will certainly be an adventure to remember.

2. Crete:

Photo Courtesy: Doug Wheller

On the beautiful island of Crete there are mountains to climb and cities to explore.  This island off the coast of Greece is a hidden gem, housing awe inspiring landscapes, and stunning beaches.  There is even a cave here that is said to be the birthplace of Zeus!   While you’re here, take a boat trip to some of the smaller, less inhabited islands.  With so much history and beauty, Crete has easily made the short list of places to enjoy a honeymoon.

3. Galapagos:

Photo Courtesy: Derek Keats

Visiting the Galapagos Islands is a trip unlike any other.  The unique animals are unafraid of humans because of centuries of isolation from the rest of the world.  Make this trip extra memorable by taking hikes together along the rocky beaches.  Enjoy your time and take it slow.  The Galapagos Islands were meant to be savored.

4. Turkey:

Photo Courtesy: Alessandra Kocman

Turkey, with its ancient temples and gorgeous marketplaces is a beautiful place for your honeymoon.  There is so much history here, and so many places to explore.  Fragrant spices fill the air, engaging all of your senses.  Love and romance blossom effortlessly in such a marvelous environment.

5. Antigua:

Photo Courtesy: Marcia Taylor

A honeymoon on Antigua is unforgettable.  Crystal blue waters to swim in, and white sand beaches to relax on, makes Antigua a gorgeous beginning to your marriage.  There’s nowhere more romantic than the Caribbean, where verdant green jungles cling to the soft, powdery sand.  Jade isletas peek their heads out of the sea for a chance to get a glance at the clear azure sky.

On Antigua, you get the best of both worlds:  You can get the peace and relaxation you crave, side by side with the modern amenities you are accustomed to.  Whether you are a scuba diver, or a beach lounger, Antigua has it all.


No matter what destination you choose, your honeymoon should be your time to relax after all that wedding planning.  With the ceremony behind you, you can enjoy the time you have with the one you love.  Now you just need some time alone with your love; let the sparks fly!

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