A Top Knot Hairstyle for Every Bride

The search for the perfect wedding hairstyle is top of the list for most brides. We dream of classic but modern, and sexy but romantic. Moving from side chignon, to loose curls, to half up, or one of the many options that falls in between. Brides have entire boards on Pinterest dedicated to finding the perfect style. While you love the idea of wearing your hair in a similar fashion to everyday life (as not to give your groom a heart attack when you walk down the aisle) there is one hairstyle in particular that always makes our hearts flutter. The top knot (or high bun).

It can be glamorous, chic, sophisticated, charming, and fit just about any bride’s vision for her wedding day. There is one famous celebrity who was married a few years ago, and is recently going through a divorce, whose pictures resonate with brides all over the Pinterest scene, Hilary Duff. Her wedding day hair, makeup, and dress choices were timeless and gorgeous. The top knot shows off her neck and shoulders (which were so buff) and helps create a curvy silhouette in her strapless dress.

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Other versions of this classic top knot can include braids around the bottom of the bun. Even a swirl design in the hair. Bangs also can create an interesting and individual look to this very classic style. Even using a gorgeous vintage pin in the back of your bun can put your stamp on this timeless style.

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However, if you prefer something a little bit different, maybe not so common or classic we have a few top knot styles for you as well. Try a high bun that is less sleek and more romantic. Stay away from any heavy gel or hairspray. It should be slightly loose but also pulled together. Double check any loose strands, you don’t want to look messy – just not so tight and perfect.

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