Top Types of Destination Weddings

Far from home but close to the heart, destination weddings allow a couple to celebrate something personal about them. Whether fulfilling a lifelong dream or bridging the gap between where they’re from and where they are, a destination wedding can be a unique symbolism that makes this special day all the more memorable. Here are a few of the top types of destination weddings.


Add together warm sunshine and an extraordinary view of the ocean, and you have the formula for a tropical destination wedding. Guests will love the opportunity to vacation while also celebrating your nuptials, and for many couples there’s no setting for a wedding more serene than the beach. Whether jetting to the Greek Islands or heading south of the states to the Caribbean, there is a beach somewhere waiting to host your big day.

beach wedding

But having a tropical wedding doesn’t have to mean leaving the country. With yearlong sunshine, Florida offers many of the same sought after characteristics as its international counterparts. Click here to discover what a wedding in Pensacola might look like.


Setting off to a romantic destination for your wedding seems like something out of a movie. A whirlwind of love and adventure made all the more special by the quintessential location. Although there are quite a few romantic spots perfect for a destination wedding, the most popular continues to be Paris. With historic landmarks, famous streets, and a nickname like the City of Love, it is really no surprise why.

Paris Wedding

Read more about having a destination wedding in Paris here.


A wedding is a private affair and for that reason many couples are choosing to celebrate their wedding at an intimate location away from the city’s bustle. Popular choices include estates, gardens and barns, where there is lots of land, little noise, and hardly any neighbors. There is an undeniable intimacy of having a wedding somewhere secluded, and even if you don’t live somewhere tranquil you can still have the cozy day you’ve dreamt of with a destination wedding.

garden wedding


When the bride or groom was born in a different country, or has a strong cultural heritage, a couple may choose to have a destination wedding where that history can be celebrated. Some couples choose to have two ceremonies, one where they live and one abroad, but a joint destination wedding is a popular possibility. With this option families are brought together, and the union is often a beautiful joining of not only two people but also two cultures.

indian wedding tradition

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