Fun and Unique Ring Bearer Pillow Alternatives

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The thing I love most about your wedding day is that it can be whatever you want it to be.  You can put your own unique twist on it, and it doesn’t matter because its your wedding day!  So when deciding what you would like your adorable ring bearer to carry the ring down the aisle with, you can do just that, be unique.  It can match you wedding theme, or it can just be something that you think you future husband would think was cool!  Here are a few of my favorite Unique ring bearer pillow alternatives!

I love the “His and Her” box idea, it is cute and easy to carry.  It would also be a fun to add a special message to each other to read, and this is something that you can keep forever and ever use as a decoration around your house! Here are a few different designs.HandH boxPhoto Credit:upcycledtreasures

boxPhoto Credit:weddingwire

i doPhoto Credit:pinterest

This next idea, can also be used as your “something borrowed” for your wedding!  This is a tradition that is becoming increasingly popular, brides are using the same bible that their parents or grandparents used in their weddings, and wrapping the rings around it or in it!  This can add a vintage touch to your wedding day, not to mention the sentimental factor.  These turn out absolutely beautiful!

biblePhoto  Photo Credit:pinterest

DIYringPhoto Credit:upcycledtreasures

bookPhoto Credit:upcycledtreasures

I love these, especially for the groom!  It was always important to me when planning my wedding, that I thought of ways to incorporate things that my husband would really like!  This is on easy way to add “him” to your theme and make your groom feel like something he enjoys, is apart of the wedding as well.

baseballPhoto Credit:upcycledtreasures

baseballmitPhoto Credit:bridesofadelaide

truckPhoto Credit:contemporarybride

I had to add this for fun! Nothing says “till death do us part” like a casket with your rings in it, this idea is sure to get a laugh when making its way down the aisle!  Have fun with this!

deathPhoto Credit:ablushingbride2b

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