Unique Ring Bearer Pillows

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Ring bearer pillows are traditionally satin and white, with two slender ribbons descending from the center.  The ribbons tie the rings in place on their journey down the aisle.  While practical, why not mix it up a little bit?

pillow star
Photo Courtesy: ohsohappytogether

Here’s a lovely addition to your beach themed wedding.  Take a traditional white satin ring bearer’s pillow and attach some sea blue plaited fabric and a sun bleached sea star.  How elegant and chic!

pillow nest
Photo Courtesy: JuneBug Weddings

This “pillow” is completely out of the box.  Perfect for an outdoor wedding, a bird’s nest makes an ideal resting place for your rings as they make their way down the aisle.

pillow monogram
Photo Courtesy: Antoniette

Embellishing your pillow with embroidery and lace makes a classy and sophisticated statement.  Keep the ribbons off to the side so you can see the initials.  You can either buy a premade pillow and have it embroidered, or make your own with your favorite fabric and some stuffing.

pillow diy
Photo Courtesy: katzzmeow

Want to guarantee a unique ring bearer pillow?  Make it yourself!  You can’t get more original than that.  Not only will doing it yourself guarantee its originality, but it will make the pillow even more special to you and your beau.

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