Wedding Candy Bar How To

When I walk into a wedding reception I am always delighted to see a wedding candy bar awaiting my arrival!  Not only will I over indulge, but I will take a bag to over indulge again at home.  It is an epic way to treat your guest, and it makes for a great addition to your wonderful wedding photos.  There are a few things you should know when preparing a candy table to make it a success.  First off, you want to choose glassware and jars that  fit with your wedding decor,  you want the candy bar to enhance the theme of your wedding, not detract from it.   If your wedding is full of muted pastels, you may not want to have a table with glassware full of red vines and bright pink lollipops!  (Stay tuned for my upcoming post, featuring a DIY glassware idea that will cut your cost in half!) When your guest walk in the room this table may be the first thing they see, so you want to do it right.  Also, in my experience with making a candy bar, it takes a ton of candy to fill the ever so popular apothecary jars that you are seeing pop up all over these tables.  I left the store feeling like I emptied the candy isle, only to get home and realize I only had half of what was needed.  This can get expensive… so one other reminder, once you have chosen your wedding colors and theme, start buying the candy early, and as you see it on sale, not all at once from one store.

candy buffetPhoto Credit:blovelyevents

Adding flowers, balloons and candles to the candy bar is also a great way to dress it up and help it look full and fancy!

candy buffet1 candy buffet2Photo Credit:blovelyevents

We all know that “matchy matchy” is not everyone’s style, and we are seeing so many weddings with such variety in colors. These tables have a theme but not necessarily in the colors, and a table full of the bride and grooms favorite sweet treats, is another fun twist to this idea!

candy barPhoto Credit:pinterest

candy bar1Photo Credit:pinterest

I just can’t get enough of the set up of this candy bar! All the different heights and shapes, make this table a great addition to your wedding decor.

candy bar2Photo Credit:blovelyevents

These are some pretty incredible candy bars and worth every penny spent!  Don’t forget to stay tuned for my upcoming blog where I feature a DIY idea for these, that will cut your costs in half!

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