A Wedding Diet that Won’t Leave You Starving

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Many brides use their weddings as an opportunity to slim down and become healthier. After all, the photos are going to exist forever and you are supposed to look the most beautiful on your wedding day. There are brides who take the diet too far and become the dreaded bridezilla due to their rabbit food diets and their craving for a huge cheeseburger. Instead of going to extremes, try this easy wedding diet to slim down without starving.

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Once you get engaged, start very simple. Increase the amount of water you drink during the day. Water helps you detox and makes you feel fuller throughout the day. To help you remember to drink water, set alarms every hour to drink 10 ounces of water.

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Early in your engagement, you should also start looking at your portions. Try using smaller plates to reduce your portion sizes. Also understand the difference between good and bad fat and start reducing your bad fat intake. Man-made trans fat is bad fat because it lowers your good cholesterol (HDL) and raises your bad cholesterol (LDL).

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Trans fats are chemically altered to make food products last longer, therefore easier to sell. Unsaturated fats, however, are good fats that your body needs to consume. Going on a no-fat diet is actually bad for you. Instead, stay away from any food that has hydrogenated on the label.

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Six months before the wedding, start altering your meals. Make sure to have a big breakfast every morning. This gets your metabolism going early and gives you the entire day to burn off calories. From there, have a medium sized lunch and a small dinner. You want to consume less calories later in the day because your body won’t have time to burn them off before bed.

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Three months before the wedding, start using protein shake meal replacements for lunch. Even though the protein container says a full scoop, I recommend a half scoop. That much protein made me feel sick to my stomach when I followed this diet for my wedding. Add milk and a little bit of chocolate pudding mix to your shake to make it taste better. It’s still a good idea to eat some solid food with your shake, but make sure it is healthy and light – veggies, fruit, or a small wrap.

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Also – completely eliminate fast food from your diet. It’s an even better idea to not eat out at all, but you will probably have a lot of lunch and dinner dates with friends and family you can’t avoid. Eliminating fast food and soda can do wonders for your figure.

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A side note: on the day of/day before your wedding you may be too nervous to eat. Or you may think not eating will give you one last run at a slim look. Because of all the emotions you are experiencing and all of the rush, you NEED to eat on your wedding day. Put your Maid of Honor in charge of making sure you eat and drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your energy up.

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The most important part of this diet is to get your fiance on it as well. It’s hard to be strong in your diet choices when your guy is next to you chowing down McDonald’s. Tell him your dietary changes will make you both feel happier and healthier as well as make him irresistable!

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