Wedding Dress Sashes: The Final Touch

You’ve found the dress of your dreams but yet something seems to be missing. Your wedding dress awaits the final touch, and the perfectly chosen sash might be just the thing you need.

Wedding dress sashes can add sparkle or color to your dress, and also create a slimming effect by accentuating your waist. Take inspiration from the variety of sashes below that keeps both modern and traditional brides in mind.

LaneDittoe tullewaistband

A floral organza sash is romantic and feminine, and in black this selection also possesses contemporary qualities—the perfect balance for modern brides seeking to add a touch of softness to their look.

LaneDittoe thin waistband

This grosgrain sash is thinner than most sashes for an understated look that still grabs attention. The pearl and crystal detailing sparkles, complementing the unique features of the dress.

LaneDittoe silver

LaneDittoe black waistband

A wide satin sash makes a bold statement. Choosing a black variety creates a sleek look, while opting for a color can add brightness to your wedding day ensemble and tie in with the color scheme and your bouquet.

LaneDittoe waistband

Heavily embellished sashes look beautiful in both grosgrain and satin. Designs are usually made up of crystals, beads, and pearls, and create a dazzling focal point on your dress.

Photo Credit Lane Dittoe

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