Wedding Dress Storage Tips

storage dress
Photo Courtesy:  Eileen Rivard

As beautiful as a pure white wedding dress is in front of a bay window, sunlight is any fabric’s worst enemy.  After you’ve finished taking pictures of your gorgeous dress, you’ll need to find a place to store it.

Be sure your wedding dress storage is a cool, dark place, out of the way in a low traffic area.  You don’t want to crush the dress by constantly moving it back and forth to get coats or clothes.  Use a silk or high quality wooden hanger to prevent strain on the dress’s delicate fabric.

Avoid putting your dress in a closet that has moth balls in it:  you don’t want your dress smelling like your great grandmother’s does.  If you have concerns about moths or other creepy crawlies, a cedar closet is a good place to store your gown.  The cedar aroma is appealing, and will keep your dress safe and sound.

Keep your dress in a plastic dry cleaning bag to protect it from finger oil and dust accumulation.  Every once in a while try to take out your dress and give it a good shake and once over, checking for any marks or discoloration.  Launder as necessary.

storage dresses blue
Photo Courtesy:  Matt Corkum

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