Wedding Dress Train Tips and Tricks

If your wedding dress has a train, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.  A train takes a little extra upkeep, but it’s a beauty, not a burden.

dress train
Photo Courtesy: GU

How long do you dare to wear your wedding dress train?  It may take some upkeep, but wearing a train is work the work.  Consider a detachable train so your walking and dancing aren’t hampered.


dress train pickup
Photo Courtesy: Carol P.

Oh yeah, you’re going to need an assistant.  From draping your train over the back of your chair when you take a seat, to offering a much needed sprucing during photo shoots, there’s a lot to do.  Designate someone to be “on train duty” to help provide your train’s necessary care.  Usually, this is a full time job, so your maid of honor might be the perfect one for the job.


dress storage
Photo Courtesy: Cahoots Photography

If the train detaches from your dress, simply hang them separately.  Keep your dress in a  dry cleaning bag, safe and sound.

When storing a dress with an attached train, to maintain a wrinkle free train, you’d need to hang it higher than what your normal closet will allow.  So, unless you’re particularly clever, you may get a few wrinkles.  You can always loosely roll the bottom, which will provide a little relief.

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