Wedding Invitation Wording And Etiquette


When it comes to your wedding, it is easy to say that most everything can be done your way.  Everything can be personal to you and your groom, and it doesn’t matter what anyone think because it is your day.  But your wedding invitations are going to need to give your guests very important information about your wedding day, so if there is any wedding etiquette we suggest you follow, this is it!  Here are a few things that you should make sure you are aware of to have proper wedding invitation wording and etiquette.

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Short and Sweet:

Your invitations will contain important information for your guest.  They need to be clear about location, time, your registry, how to get to your wedding website and more.  Keep all the information short and simple.  Don’t let the information that needs to be retained, hidden behind too much cute, clever, longwinded wording.

Give them direction:

Make sure your invitation doesn’t become another refrigerator magnet lost in the mix.  Send them to your amazing wedding website, which I will shamelessly plug ours, simply because its the best, weddingdash!  You have put all the information they could ever need and want here, so why not send them here for all the information on repeat!  You can post pictures, keep them updated on wedding planning, post pictures and so much more!

Follow time deadlines:

It is important to send your invitations out six to eight weeks before the wedding.  You need to give your guests time to make travel arrangements and keep your special day open in their planner.

Give guest an RSVP deadline:

So many people forget to send in their RSVP on time!  This is the most important item on your invitation in my opinion.  You need your guest count for finalizing your seating chart, guest food choices and for any extra guests attending.  Make sure this deadline is clear and to the point.

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No kids allowed:

If you choose to not have kids at your wedding it is very important to send each and every invitation out to the person or couple direct.  Don’t put “guest” or any wording that can assume any and all are welcome!  If you have a guest that adds children to their RSVP, it is ok to give them a call and let them know that you are having an “adult only” wedding and you hope they will still attend!

Dress code:

We all know as guests at a wedding, it can be annoying to not know what to wear.  Is it indoor or outdoor, fancy or casual?  Make sure you give proper dress code information in the bottom corner of your invitation!

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Use proper narrative:

It is proper etiquette to always use third person narrative when writing your invitation template.  (Example, “Bob and Jane invite you to their,” not “Bob and Jan invite you to our”)

Use these simple wedding invitation wording and etiquette tips to make sure you give your guest the best glimpse of what is to come on your special day!



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