Why Not Have Your Wedding with an Ocean View?

Having your wedding by the sea is not only luxurious, but it guarantees a beautiful location for both the ceremony and reception… and maybe even your honeymoon!

tropical wedding
Photo Courtesy: Eric Konon

A simply adorned courtyard with an ocean view is an idyllic location to host your reception.  Just put up some white, ambient lighting, and include some comfortable furniture to lounge on.  Be sure there’s enough space for a bar and music, if you’re having them.  If your patio lacks colorful foliage, be sure to add some bouquets of lively tropical flowers.  Bromeliads are exotic and particularly vibrant, capable of lighting up any dark corner or shady spot.

tropical california
Photo Courtesy: Paul Toogood

Having a seaside wedding will allow you to focus less on decorations, and more on location.  The natural beauty of the ocean is almost all the decoration you need. A few tropical flowers and comfortable white chairs are all you need to have a classy yet relaxing wedding on your favorite shore, whether you choose the Virgin Islands or the Florida Keys.


tropical beach
Photo Courtesy: Tomasz Wagner

While walking down the aisle, let the waves calm you and enjoy the sand beneath your feet.  Feel the gentle breeze.  Breathe, let everything sink in, and enjoy the view.

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