Wedding Photography Checklist

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Wedding photography is something that every bride should put a lot of thought into.  You need your photographer to be current, creative and make you and your wedding party feel comfortable so that you open up and really let them capture your day!  Getting your wedding photos back from your photographer (with the exception of the honeymoon) will be the most anticipated part of the whole wedding experience!  With so many things on your mind leading up to your day, I thought I would help by checking one item off your “to-do!”   Below is a “wedding photography checklist” you don’t want to forget to have ready for your photographer!

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1. Wedding dress hanging up by a window.

2. Bridal party/Mom zipping up dress.

3. Photograph of veil, garter and any other accessories.

4. Brides shoes peeking out from under the dress.

5. Bride and Groom looking out the window (individually)

6. Bride looking in the mirror.

7. Bride and her Bridesmaids, putting on makeup and getting hair done.

8. Bridesmaids reacting to bride in her gown.

9. Groom getting ready with groomsmen

10. Bride and her parents leaving for wedding.

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1. Groom seeing the Bride for the first time.

2. Bride and Groom with their parents

3. Bride and Groom with each others parents.

4. Bride with each of her Bridesmaids individually.  (These will be perfect for gifts down the road!)

5. Bride and Groom with full families.

6. Groom with Groomsmen.

7. Bride with Groomsmen.

8. Many shots of Bride and Groom together, make sure you are clear with requesting any specific pictures you would like.

9. Groom with his father and mother.

10. Bride with father and mother.

11. Bride and Groom with the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen all together.

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bride and groom
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Looking back at my wedding day, the ceremony was really a blur!  Your nervous, your heart is racing and if you’re anything like me, you were extremely awkward about the fact that you had to walk down the isle in front of hundreds of people standing and staring at you, ya…. YIKES!  One suggestion that I have and I am not seeing on other wedding photo checklists, is having your photographer take a ton of pictures of what you see from where you are standing during the ceremony, because you won’t remember…trust me.


1. Wedding Venue

2. Guests arriving

3. Bride and father entering the venue

4. Parents and grandparents being seated

5. All the wedding party walking down the isle

6. Close up of groom seeing his bride walking down the isle.

7. Groom seeing bride for the first time, if separate from above.

8. Bride and father walking down the isle.

9. Close up of bride right before walking down the isle.

10. Father and bride hugging before giving hand to groom.

11. Shot of the guests, from the bride and grooms view.

12. Close up of bride and groom’s hands during the ceremony.

13. The kiss.

14. Announcement of Mr. and Mrs.

15. Bride and Groom walking up the isle.

16. The officiant, and any other things you incorporate into the ceremony.




1. Reception venue. (If different than ceremony)

2. Bride and Groom entering the venue.

3. Table decor, and centerpieces. (don’t forget the chairs)

4. Head table.

5. Musicians and DJ’s and any other people that played a part in it all coming together!

6. Your gift and card table.

7. Cake

8. List any specific decorations you would like to remember specifically.

9. Food.

10. Candy table.

11. First dance.

12. Father, daughter dance.

13. Mother, Groom dance.

14. Cutting of the cake

15. The toasts.

16. Signing the marriage certificate.

17. Bouquet and garter toss.

18. Get ALL reception guest on the dance floor and take one big picture. (I have been apart of one of these pictures, it is the best memory!)

19. Guest dancing

20.Bride and groom leaving and saying by to all the guest.

21. Bride and groom leaving in their getaway car.

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Remember as well, your photographer has their own way of capturing each and every wedding day, so it is important that you give them any and all specifics that are needed to make sure there are no photos forgotten.

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