Wedding Planning Checklist 101

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You said, “Yes!” All those years of waiting and dreaming and he finally got down on one knee and asked you to be his wife!  Calling all your friends and family and showing off your rock is the fun part, then you get home and reality sets in.  Colors, photographer, venue OH MY!  Just when you start to feel stressed and overwhelmed,  wouldn’t it be nice if  you could just click your red heels together and be standing there ready to walk down the isle.  When planning a wedding, being organized and timely is important.  Here is a wedding planning checklist that will help you get to “I d0” with ease.  Check out THIS post to download and print this very same list!


8-12 months till “I Do!”

  1. Set up your wedding website.  (I know, shameless plug…but there is no doubt this will be the best website building site out there!)  You can send your bridal party and all your guest here for your registry, to RSVP, to see pictures and read about your journey!  You can visit this often and keep it updated all throughout your engagement!
  2. Take engagement photos
  3. Start browsing Pinterest, wedding blogs, and all the bridal magazines you can get for planning inspiration.
  4. Talk budget with your parents and fiance.
  5. Work on your guest list and agree on how big (or small) you would like your wedding to be.
  6. Choose your wedding party, and ask them formally.
  7. Find a venue.
  8. Shop for your dress! Bring along your bridesmaids, you can start looking for their dresses as well.
  9. Register at your favorite stores.


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 6-8 months till “I Do!”

  1. Book your videographer and photographer.
  2. Order invitations.
  3. Choose a caterer.
  4. Plan your honeymoon.
  5. Make sure you take care of hotel accommodations for out of town guest you may have.
  6. Start cake tasting.
  7. Make sure you have all your wedding and reception items booked.  (chairs, tables, tents)
  8. Pick a hairstyle and make an appointment for a practice run!  Make an appointment for your wedding day hair at this time.
  9. Make sure your bridesmaids have their dresses all ready to go.
  10. Have a wedding dress fitting.
  11. Confirm time and date with Venue!
  12. Get your marriage license, its getting real now!


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 4-6 months till “I Do!”

  1. Get your groom fitted and his attire set.
  2. Send out “save the dates!”
  3. Order invitations.
  4. Get your flowers ordered.
  5. Book a wedding Dj!
  6. Purchase undergarments, and wedding shoes. Make sure you wear your shoes and make sure you look comfortable walking in them.
  7. Buy grooms wedding band.



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 2-4 months till “I do!”

  1. Mail invitations.
  2. Confirm Photographer, videographer.
  3. Confirm cake you choose and place the order, also make sure flowers are set for the big day.
  4. Call caterer, confirm menu and dates.
  5. Make sure programs and wedding favors are ready.
  6. Make sure you send the groomsman to get fitted for their tux.


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1 month till “I Do!”

  1. Check your guest list and follow up with the guest that have not  RSVP.
  2. Try on wedding dress and make sure its the perfect fit, get any and all adjustments needed.
  3. Get gifts for bridal party.
  4. Schedule manicures and pedicures for yourself and bridal party.
  5. Start to relax and enjoy, now that things are starting to be set in stone.


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1 week before “I do!”

  1. Pick up dress.
  2. Call any and all venders and let them know it there are any updates or time changes.
  3. Discuss rehearsal time and dinner with all guests.  I reccommend E-vites for this.
  4. Talk about wedding day schedule with bridal party.  Be relaxed about this, you want your bridal party to be excited not dreading your “all day schedule!”
  5. Confirm hair appointment for your wedding day.
  6. Make sure you are packed for your honeymoon.
  7. ENJOY these last few days!!




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