Having a Wedding Reception? Don’t Forget the Reception Menus!

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The wedding reception menus are a small piece of a much larger puzzle, but are important, nonetheless.

Your menus should fit the overall theme of your wedding.  Has it been a formal affair?  Choose a more luxurious font and letterhead.

purple reception menuPhoto Courtesy: Rori Zendeck


A little more playful?  Try a classy yet fun menu and tablescape, complete with your own personal decorative touches.  The guests will be blown away by your attention to detail.

menu tablescape
Photo Courtesy: Special Invite


When designing your menus be sure to bear in mind what type of food you will be serving.  Use a color pallet that fits in with your overall theme.

If you are having a cultural celebration, there’s no better way to showcase your history than through great food.  Whether the cuisine for your wedding is 100% authentic, or just gives some thoughtful nods to your favorite dishes, your unique personality should have ample room to shine through.


colorful menu
Photo Courtesy: Jillian West


If you’re offering an open bar it’s nice to show their guests their options.  Maybe you could showcase a few favorite drinks.

handwritten drink menu
Photo Courtesy: Di Gazdar

Whether it’s hand-written or professionally printed, the menus at your wedding say so much about who you are as a couple.  Make your reception unforgettable!

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