Wedding Shoe Trends for Modern Brides

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While simple white wedding shoes were the norm for some time, today’s wedding shoes have reached a much broader scale. Read on as we break down the top wedding shoe trends and help you decide what you’ll wear as you walk down the aisle.

Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…

Blue wedding shoes have become a growing trend as a way to check one item off the “Four Somethings” good luck bridal checklist. Whether a pale silvery blue or a dark navy, any shade counts and we love this modern adaption on a tradition that has been around for more than a century.

blue wedding shoes

vintage blue shoes

Wedding Day White

Today’s white wedding shoes are not your grandmother’s white wedding shoes. Forget simple—today’s brides are shopping for white shoes that wow. Whether covered in an intricate design or embellished with crystals, white wedding shoes have received a modern day makeover. Keep tradition alive with an all white look that still has a little something special.

white shoes and flowers

Color Scheme Correlated

A lot of brides are choosing to go with a colored wedding shoe that either matches the color of their bridesmaids’ dresses or correlates with the overall color scheme of their wedding. This pretty little touch adds a subtle pop of color that many brides feel takes their look to the next level. Choosing a colored shoe opens the door to many different styles and also allows you to add some personality to your look.

green wedding shoes

orange satin shoes

Favored Flats

The idea of wearing flat shoes to any event is a welcomed idea, but many assume that flat shoes are too casual for a wedding. That’s not entirely true. There are a variety of looks you can go with, whether a pretty pair of sandals or sweet ballet slippers. Flat wedding shoes are particularly popular for beach weddings or “backyard” ceremonies, where vows are exchanged outdoors and walking through grass is unavoidable. Not only are flat wedding shoes incredibly comfortable, they also help to add a bit of intimacy to smaller weddings.

sparkle flats

Mirrored Metallic

You’ll be shining bright on your wedding day no matter what you wear, but a pair of light reflecting metallic wedding shoes certainly adds to the glow. Many of today’s wedding shoe options feature shimmering metallic colors of gold, silver and copper. Going with metallic wedding shoes is a great way to maintain neutral shades while still adding a little something extra to your look. Just make sure you choose a metallic that matches your jewelry. Silver jewelry and gold shoes would obviously clash, so choose your wedding day jewels before you go shoe shopping.


golf sparkle jimmy

Cowgirl Bride

We love when brides add a personal touch to their wedding look and wearing cowboy boots on the big day is one of our favorites. Southern weddings are so sweet and many couples are choosing to have barnyard ceremonies where cowboy boots are more than appropriate. Plus, like flat wedding shoes, if you’re having an outdoor wedding cowboy boots are a great choice to make walking in grass a breeze.

cowboy boots


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