Wedding Toast Tips

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There is so much pressure for some, when it comes to giving the perfect wedding toast.  You want it to be quick, funny, heartfelt and memorable!  If you are the one making the toast, chances are you are close with either the bride or groom and you could talk for days about them.  But lets be honest, wedding quest are not going to want to listen to you talk for hours about pointless, inappropriate, or irrelevant stories .  Follow these few wedding toast tips to ensure yours won’t be a bust!

It is not about you

We all know you have so many stories and memories with the bride or the groom, but nobody wants to hear about those.  Talk about stories that are important for the bride and groom together!

Keep it relevant

Make sure you stories are recent and relevant!  We know you have inside jokes and stories from college that I am sure crack you up, be aware those stories can be boring to wedding guest.  Tell memories of the bride and groom, when they first met and what they had to say about each other, or maybe even stories about a funny/bad date they had!  Keep it simple, funny and relevant to today.

Leave the Ex’s out

This in my opinion is the most important of them all!  Don’t bring up Ex spouses, boyfriends, lovers, or relationships, yours or the bride and groom’s!  It is not important, and is for sure to make a party die real quick!


Keep it clean

I have been to many weddings where the best man tells a story that is inappropriate and it just doesn’t go over well.  The parents are embarrassed, the grandparents are…well confused and the rest are trying not to laugh.  Try and be funny, but keep it clean fun!

Keep it short

Wedding festivities can be long, make sure your speech is short and sweet.  If it goes to long, it may become less funny, and the only memory the guests or bride and groom will have, is the how long your speech was!

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 Control your emotion

Make sure you have the appropriate amount of emotion.  Practicing your speech in front of people before the big day is helpful with this, you want to make sure you can get through your speech without have to stop every sentence to get it together!

Stay sober

Control the amount of drinks you have before you do your toast.  If you are important enough tot he bride or groom to make this very special speech, it is important to not be slurring your words.

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With these small tips, you are sure to make a speech to impress all!  All in all, you want to have a good balance being sentimental, with humor and class!  Good luck and have fun!



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