What’s Best for You: an Indoor or Outdoor Reception?

Can’t decide whether to have an indoor or outdoor reception?  There are many factors to consider, but here’s a brief rundown to keep you on the right track:

reception ocean
Photo Courtesy: Grand Velas Riviera Maya

An outdoor reception is best held in ideal weather.  No rain or snow!  If it’s below 60 degrees out, consider an indoor venue to keep your guests comfortable.  If it’s held in the evening, make sure you’re in a well-lighted patio setting.  Consider having a sunset reception with a terrific view.  If you hold your party in a beautiful setting you can cut down on decoration costs.  Regardless, be sure to keep everything simple, the great outdoors speaks for itself.


reception indoor
Photo Courtesy: Cosmo Politician

An indoor reception can be held any time of year, any time of day.  If you’re debating between an indoor and outdoor party, be sure to consider the added venue cost, and the extra decorations.  Stone and wood grain look beautiful with white or lushly colored decorations.  Avoid darker colors to keep the mood light and to enhance the natural beauty of the space.  If your indoor location is of a lighter hue, you can pull off brown or dark blue accents.

Regardless of where or when you choose to hold your reception, remember to keep it sophisticated!

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