Why You Should Consider an Orange Wedding Color

For some brides, choosing the wedding colors is a daunting task. How do you find the perfect blend of colors that represent you and your fiance while also matching the time of year and making it easy to put together decor and motifs?! When you are browsing through the many beautiful color palette choices on Pinterest, consider an unusual option – orange.

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Orange can call to mind some pretty non-romantic things. Pumpkins, the Cleveland Browns, juice, and terrifying childhood clownish experiences. I get it. Orange is a very bold color that is daunting to consider. However, it can be done beautifully. All you need is the right shade of orange and the right complementary colors to offset it.

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What is great about orange is that it can go with nearly any season. Many think of the burnt orange color for fall weddings and it is really absolutely beautiful for the season. Orange is also a beautiful choice for summer and spring weddings. Orange combined with a another light color, such as aqua, is perfect for a beach wedding. Think of aqua blue waves and the bright orange sun at sunset and your colors will make you fall in love.

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You can even choose a deep, blood orange for a dreamy winter wedding. Orange and navy are a beautiful palette combination that is perfect for winter. Navy can be your joyful winter blue main shade while orange can offset in gorgeous and subtle ways, such as your bouquet, centerpieces, and a sash and tie on your bridesmaid and groomsmen, respectively. Another great orange winter color is a silver gray and orange. The silver can you snow motif while the orange brings a pop of color.

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Once you get over the bold and terrifying initial reaction to the color orange, you can start to experiment with shades and color combinations to find the perfect orange tone for your wedding. Don’t be afraid! You can do so much with an orange wedding color to make your day beautiful.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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