Wild Wedding Photo Shoots

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Not everyone is satisfied with traditional, formal photo shoots.  Some brides want to break the mold.  Daring to think out of the box will give you pictures that are truly unique.  Going to an unusual locale or using your artistic flair will make your wedding photo shoot even more memorable.

Photo Courtesy: Jorn Idzerda

Don’t be afraid to take a risk!  Why not add on a couple wild, artsy photos to your wedding scrapbook.  Consider taking your dress for a splash in the ocean waves, or into a still pool like our bride above. Make sure your dress is the proper material for such shenanigans before you take the plunge.

If the thought of getting your dress wet makes you a little weak at the knees, sometimes taking a couple of photos in a wild location will fit the bill. Playful photos like the one below look great on your mantle or bedroom wall.  Be sure to visit spots that have special meaning to you and your groom, making your photographs even more significant and personal.

Photo Courtesy: Huilin Dai


If you’re really going for a wow factor, pull out all the stops.  You know, fireworks are always a nice touch.

wild fireworks
Photo Courtesy:  Rodney Campbell

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