You’ll Never Think of Table Numbers the Same!

Wedding table numbers are usually one of the decorations that receive the least amount of attention. With the table centerpiece, flowers, and place settings, table numbers are easily overlooked.


In fact, you have probably settled with downloading a template and printing them yourself—which is totally understandable! There are so many options out there for DIY printing, and even more creative ways to display paper numbers. It’s easy to see why many brides feel this is the best way to go. But before you head out to buy cardstock, check out the amazing wedding table numbers below. These beautiful iterations will have you seeing table numbers in a whole new way. Read on and let me know if you’re still planning on printing!

Table Numbers Fit For the Great Outdoors

Painting numbers on to natural wood makes for great table numbers at outdoor weddings. You can order these premade from a professional (Etsy is stocked with different varieties), or purchase the materials and turn it into a DIY project for you and your bridesmaids.


Mintage Designs

These moss covered table numbers are another perfect match for outdoor weddings. Place them among floral arrangements for a decorative table centerpiece.


Easy Breezy Chalkboard Table Numbers

Chalkboard table numbers are a favorite at vintage themed weddings and garden-style nuptials. They leave lots of room for customization and you can choose to add a border, floral trim, or work them into your table centerpiece.



Bella Bride Creations

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Creative Calligraphy Numbers

Calligraphy table numbers are elegant while still modern, and can work with so many different wedding themes. Incorporate them into your table centerpiece by popping in vases, or if you prefer your table numbers to be freestanding, opt for a design with a base.

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